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Projeto Sistema Didático de Cogeração - Cyril Leclercq
Relatório de atividades desenvolvidas no período 2/5/2011 a 2/8/2011:

For the context of my studies in France, I had to do at least one internship in a foreign country. The school make some propositions about an internship in the "Universidade Federal de Sergipe" and I accept this one.

My job was to help a students team to finalize theirs projects. There was a project about recuperation of heat from exhaust gas of a motogenerator, and a project about creation of chilled water using hot water and the thermical principe of adsorption.

The principal difficulty at the beginning was to communicate between us. I was supposed to speak english during this internship but finally it was easier to try in portuguese even if I had never learned it. Now I am able to have an oral conversation in portuguese and it is , in my mind, the best gain of this internship.

First of all, I had to learn a lot about these technologies I didn't know. Then we started by designing the hydrolic scheme of the system to know what kind of equipments we needed. Then, we re-designed the building and the equipments on a computer assisted design piece of software. This model permitted to organized the installation inside and outside the laboratory, and later to know the lenght of pipe we needed to put everything together.

But these tools wasn't sufficient and we had to know exactly a lot of data. We tried also to anticipate the performance of the system. We calculated the flow and pressure needed in the system, the diameters of the pipes, the potential gain of heat in the heat exchanger and thereby the lenght, the type and all the dimensions of this exchanger.

Finally we was able to know, more or less, how much energy we could retrieve thanks to this system.

Infortunately, we had not had enough time to get the pipe and all the equipments before I leave and I never saw the end of the project other way than the CAD model.

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